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the Estate of Ted & Mary Serhan
Porcupine Plain

Tuesday August 13th
Tuesday August 20th






VIEWING AUGUST 12th 9am-5pm




  • 211 Cooper Street, Porcupine Plain Saskatchewan
  • Built in 1988
  • Bungalow
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
  • 1180 sq ft
  • Legal Description: Lot 4 Block 35 Plan 75PA05511
  • GREAT LOCATION**Less than 1 block from K-12 school, Immaculate 3 bedroom home with attached garage. Driveway & garage floor are asphalt. Asphalt pathway from front around the side of home to the back yard. Attached garage has auto opener and a walk in door front and back. Concrete block patio, 2 raised beds for gardening shed, Saskatoon and rhubarb. Has many extras, like hot & cold running water to exterior, 2x6 construction, triple pane windows, newer laminate & vinyl flooring, appliances included, large spacious rooms, moonlights in kitchen, new air conditioner & furnace in Fall of 2015
  • Roof: Asphalt
  • Exterior: Wood siding
  • Basement: Full Basement
  • Basement Walls: Preserved wood
  • Appliances Included: Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Stove, Microwave
  • Features: Built-in dishwasher, hood fan
  • Water Softener: Inlcuded
  • Outdoor: Lawn front & back, patio
  • Heating: Forced air, natural Gas, Air conditioner (new in fall 2015)
  • Water heater: Gas
  • Lot width: 70 X 150

  • 12'x20' wood construction garden shed W/ walk-in door, window, 8' walls, 8' wide by 7'  tall overhead door, on skids, plywood floor,  sheeted-in ceiling, 2x4 construction, metal soffit  & fascia, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles.  Built new in 2015 * Sold Seperately



  • 2013 JD Z235 0-turn mower W/ 20HP JD OHVV twin eng., hydro dr, 42" cut, 85 hours, rear bagger kit, front weights
  • MTD Gold 30" snow blower W/ Tecumseh 12HP 110 volt electric start eng., 30"  cut, power steering, canopy
  • Yard Pro Kohler Courage self-propelled push mower W/ rear bagger
  • Big 1000-Small 1000-540 PTO adaptors 
  • Box of misc clamps, gorilla pod w/ light   22" angle ruler, claw hammer, wrenches, pliers,  etc
  • Extension cord, gooseneck prybar, sewer snake
  • Stapler,ratchet strap, router bit set, etc
  • Specialist metric tool set
  • W/ sockets, ratchet, open and box-end wrenches etc
  • B&D hand-held grinder, wire wheel
  • Power Fist electric Sawzall
  • Carpenter's apron, carpenter's pouch, Knee pads, etc
  • Plasplugs compact bit sharpener
  • Small toolbox w/ box-end wrenches, open-end  wrenches, pliers etc
  • Box of misc grind wheels, electrical tape Open-end wrenches, spray can pistol grip, ball  pene hammer, oil\
  • Wagners 1891 original cast iron griddle 
  • Box of misc spray paints, oil & lubricants               
  • Box of antiques, to include Poppyseed grinder, cast bell, butterblock maker,  medicine horse bit etc
  • Currycomb manual mixer Beaker, metal pan
  • 3 welders clamps            
  • B&D variable speed 3/8" drill 2 grind wheels, Mastercraft bits, drill index
  • Hand crank grinder, bench-mount           
  • Box of misc antique clock, extension cord Bug sprayer, cheese grater, iron=
  • Maxtech 50 piece drill & drive accessory kit         
  • Hacksaw, pipe wrench, ITC hex key set, wood  chisel. drill index, etc
  • Mastercraft 1/2" electric impact wrench Impact socket set
  • B&D 1/2" drill w/ assorted bits  
  • Mastercraft socket set w/ deep wall sockets        Regular sockets, extensions, etc
  • Electric clock, 2 gal Medalta crock             Antique water bag
  • Outboard motor water muffs, riveter      Screwdrivers, misc tools, laser, line loader head,  bungee strap etc
  • M Zone AC Deluxe recharge & sealant kit               Bungee cord, soldering gun kit
  • Box w/ prybar set, misc cable & cord    
  • Cabinet door hinges, Power Fist 4.5" turbo-style  diamond wheel,
  • large crescent wrench,  reciprocating sawblades, etc
  • Box w/ misc washers, lock washers, screws         
  • Large drill bits, small nails, file clamp and  kester soldering paste
  • Box of misc oils, lubricants, WD40, plugin ends  
  • Teflon tape, pocket-size O-meter, etc
  • Box w/ qty of misc asst'd screws, drill bits, etc    
  • Box of misc tools, to include       
  • 12 piece hollow punch set, pipe wrench, crescent  wrench, riveter, screws, cup hooks, leg bolts, etc
  • Ice fishing scoop, extension cord Mag-mount flashing light, etc
  • Misc snap-ring pliers, knife & sharpener Small pipe wrench, screwdrivers, square, scraper,  etc
  • Box w/ hacksaw, misc screwdrivers, scraper        
  • Staples, sockets, etc
  • Box w/ misc ballpene hammer, padlocks              
  • Large spring pins, rivets, vice grips, needlenose  pliers, etc
  • Box of misc shutter hinge set, scissors    
  • Bungee strap, leather hole cutter, wire brush,  scrapers, left-hand tin snips, etc
  • Box of misc wire, triangle file, small lights, etc    
  • Box of old license plates 1964, 1970, 1976, 1971, etc
  • Blue gun, snap-off blades, ice auger blades Solder, cable tie assortment, etc
  • Ice saw, homemade antique stilts Wood frame
  • Stereo set w/ speakers, cabinet, some wiring  To include Technics amp, Technics radio tuner, Technics dual cassette player, Technics 5 disc CD  player
  • Craftsman 30L shop vac w/ hose              
  • Extension cords, shop broom, long-handled  squeegee, etc
  • Canadian sherry gal jug, ceramic pot        Gas lantern, CN antique fire suppression tank,  hose & nozzle
  • Microwave cabinet & homebuilt wood cabinet  
  • Misc BA oil, grease cans, cigarette tins  
  • Rogers Golden Syrup tin
  • Misc glass jars & jugs     
  • Antique tire pump, cant hook, steel square
  • Ice auger handle, broad axe head
  • Cast iron seat w/ some cracks & some welding  
  • Hay knife & washboard
  • Misc glass telephone line insulators
  • Portable hibachi & sad irons       
  • Antique gas lamp, antique glass butter churn      
  • Kerrington whiskey bottle, etc
  • Canada Cement Co Ltd metal sign            
  • HD 1/5HP bench grinder, mounted on steel stand            
  • Antique milk bottles, jars & egg beater  
  • Approx 3gal milk can & metal butter churn          
  • Metal can style ice cream maker              
  • Coleman gas lantern, gas light, Canadian Club  texas mickey, etc
  • 2 unused chopsaw blades, screwdriver bit kit      
  • Metal toolbox w/ handsaw, mower blade, files, blow  nozzle etc
  • Wood box w/ nail puller, torque wrench Box-end, open-end wrenches, drill brace, wood bit  etc
  • Misc in drawer, to include bolts & nuts Merretts, small bolt cutters, rubber gloves, misc  tap & dies, etc
  • 3 boxes of misc paint, oils, lubricants       Hand wipes, filter wrench, small hinges, angle  needlenose pliers, hose ends, air hose ends, nuts  & bolts, staples, etc
  • Drawer w/ misc gloves, strapping, etc    
  • Plastic container w/ misc fish hooks        
  • Drawer w/ qty of misc nails, tins Aluminum boat propeller, power bar, trouble light,  tins, etc
  • Superior & B&D smaller angle grinders  
  • Box w/ MVP small air compressor            
  • Schumacher 1.5 amp battery charger maintainer, LED  trouble light head, fire extinguisher
  • Team Canadacordless 1/5" drill W/ 2 - 18 volt batteries & charger in plastic case
  • Ultimate X 1500 psi portable pressure washer W/ hose reel
  • Box of misc manuals To include Gleanor Baldwin A & R combine, parts  catalogue & manual, JDX4 & JDX8 snowmobile manual,  IH McCormick WD9 owners manual
  • Wall-mount retractable trouble light       
  • 6 shelf small metal cabinet, w/ contents To include cleaners, bug killers, rope, garden edging, rain gear, small square table (approx  2'x2' on castors), cleaning supplies, etc
  • 3 chrome & upholstered chairs  4 stacking chairs, small stools
  • Small single cylinder portable air compressor W/ 1/5HP motor
  • Trademaster cutoff saw, 14"       
  • Canwood mitre saw       
  • ZR helmets, motorcycle helmet In plastic bucket
  • 2 aluminum & canvas folding lawn chairs W/ flipup table
  • 3 misc sizes lifejackets  
  • 6 plastic stacking deck chairs And folding metal chair
  • Mosquito screen tent, in bag      
  • Power Mate mini tiller W/ 43cc eng., 8" tines
  • Large plastic flower pot 2 cement step ornaments
  • Assorted horseshoes     
  • Fishing rod, green paddle, scythe Weiner roasters, axe, broom
  • Small homebuilt air compressor
  • 10lb propane bottle w/ hose      
  • Cement bird bath, plastic bird bath Watering jug, ornamental stand w/ solar lights, solar light rack
  • 2 propane-fired space heaters W/ aluminum chimney
  • Grill Chief BBQ w/ tank & cover
  • Small wood & steel deck bench 
  • Metal outdoor fire pit W/ grills & poker
  • Plastic ornamental peacock        
  • Qty of misc flower pots, wood & plastic  Plastic garbage can, plant pot stands
  • Misc garden tools & shovel on shed wall To include steel shovels, rakes, hose, weeders,  etc
  • Misc shovels & chain on shed wall To include grass whip, plastic aluminum & steel  shovels, snow scoop, assorted chain, etc
  • Misc shovels etc on shed wall To include spade, axe, plastic saw horses, rotary  barrel pump, rope hoist, chain, large garden rake,  etc
  • Pile of decorative brick, branch saw 2 plastic snow scoops, axe, 2 sledgehammers, roof  rake
  • Wood drawer & metal box 2 smaller wood boxes
  • Misc mini tote bags        
  • Misc rope, trouble light, load binders Long air chuck, pressure washer wand, fish gloves  & misc hooks, 2 fishing rods, misc truck-style  straps
  • 2 welders helmets & welders gloves       
  • Misc trowels, old pipe wrench, 2" coated nails etc            
  • Flowtec submersive cast aluminum pump Box of misc nails, lubricant, window washer,  trowel
  • 2 boxes w/ misc nails, wood bits, screws Claw hammer, ballpene hammer, 3" vice, B&D jigsaw
  • Box of misc tools To include hole punch, extension cord, coping saw  blades, wood rasp, funnel, Wood hole bits, nut  driver set, nails etc
  • 2 boxes of misc cupboard catches Darts, screws, sawblades, tape measure, rope,  trailer plug-in adaptor, pruning shears,  screwdrivers, marking chalk, etc
  • 2 smaller poly fuel pails, poly jug              
  • Roll of unused heater hose, mechanics creeper 
  • GP 1/2" air impact, plastic funnel, small hacksaw Fretsaw, oil can
  • Drawer w/ wood mallet, clamp & stand  Chalk line, rasps & files, hose clamps
  • 2 boxes w/ misc circular sawblades, propane valve          
  • Nuts, bolts & screws, small wrench, tool pouch,  cup holders, etc
  • Craftsman 1/3HP 9" bandsaw, bench-mount      
  • Delta horizontal belt sander & disc sander, 4" belt, 6" disc, extra sand belts
  • Misc pvc pipe & wood lath          
  • Craftsman 12.5" planer moulder              
  • 2 boxes w/ misc extension cord, power block     
  • Sandpaper, & bit sanders
  • Lincoln 180 amp AC welder        
  • Custom built belt sander              
  • Tiger torch, universal clamp system
  • Misc assorted welding rods, fiber blanketing etc
  • Small winch, older rotary telephone       
  • Measuring jug, etc
  • 2 smaller rubber tires    
  • Older single cylinder compressor (no tank),  pressure pump, electric heater, plastic box,  plastic pail, wheelbarrow tire
  • Antique push lawn mower          
  • Misc Christmas lights, heat lamps, other lights
  • Poly twine, small tarps
  • Misc covers, discharge hose, electric fencers
  • Trouble light, misc glass telephone insulators,  copper tin, hand barrel pump, rope block & tackle
  • Misc dimensional lumber, 2 garden sprayers 2 plastic buckets, booster cables, electrical  cable, misc wood railings
  • B&D LCG belt sander     
  • Superior jigsaw, B&D circular saw
  • Ornamental lamp, Coleman camper fuel Misc oils & lubricants
  • B&D jigsaw, small grease gun, air hammer chisel kt          
  • B&D hand sander, misc smaller clamps  
  • Misc mirror extensions to fit Dodge or Ford, qty  of tire wrenches & hubcap prybars
  • Small steel welding stand, hole spoon    
  • Antique ratchet-style car jacks, small axle for   rototiller, older single air compressor - no  motor, 2" ball w/ hitch, wood block w/ castor  wheels, plastic & steel wheels & castor wheel,  antique flare
  • 1/2 ton floor jack, 2 bottle jacks
  • 3 - 20L poly fuel pails     
  • 2 lengths of chain, tow strap, ratchet straps
  • Plywood sheet carrier, cable, ice fishing tip-up,  etc
  • Nut & bolt organizer, 15 compartment   Roll of wire, plant pots
  • 5 slow-moving vehicle signs, dart board Sprayer pump
  • Misc items in rafters To include boards, plywood, 2x4, downspout, light,  snow fence, paddle, etc
  • Worklight on steel stand              
  • 3 assorted plastic tubs  
  • Antique smaller Evinrude outboard motor
  • Black Hawk MC10 truck-mounted crane 3/4 ton capacity w/ boom fully retracted, 800lbs  at end, hyd jack etc
  • Misc wood posts & black & orange snow fence  
  • 2 folding lawn chairs      
  • 4 pipe clamps    
  • Metal JD toolbox w/ tools
  • To include pliers, open-end & box-end wrenches,  ball pene hammer, nuts & bolts etc, wood box w/  ratchet strap, hacksaw, clamps, etc
  • 10" table saw on stand  W/ motor & blade
  • B&D Work Mate and pipe roller
  • Thermos metal cooler    Electric heater, poly tub
  • Approx 6' aluminum combination ladder              
  • Step stool
  • Misc plywood, plywood pieces   Chipboard, chipboard pieces, etc on east , west &  south wall,
  • Jonsered chain saw        
  • Poulan Pro chainsaw      
  • 20L poly fuel pail, 2 safety stands             
  • Poly calf sled     
  • Weed Eater LT7000 15" line trimmer      
  • B&D hedge trimmer
  • Cable come-along, reciever hitch carrier Bungee straps
  • Craftsman router, mounted to wood platform     Extension cords, air hose

  • Bedroom suite  To include box spring, mattress, frame, headboard,  dresser, 4-drawer chest of drawers
  • Contents of cupboard & shelf including Swiffer sweepers, hand dusters, gloves,  mosquito coils, shoe brush, tape machine, garbage  bags, Shout, Clorox, part jug of Purex, Scorpion  battery-operated vacuum
  • Contents of cupboard  including light bulbs, baby powder, flashlight,  insect repellent, RCA radio/CD player, multiple  small wire clamp, etc
  • Wood deacons bench   
  • Shelf w/ Party Popper popcorn popper  
  • Misc pens & holders, table bells, padlock, books,  back scratcher, etc
  • Ninja Professional blender          
  • Misc frying pans, bread pans       Coffee & coffee creamer
  • 3 shelves in cupboard of misc glass bowls             
  • Gravy boat, casserole dishes, etc
  • Proctor Silex coffee maker, extra pot
  • Small cutting board
  • Braun electric hand blender       
  • 3 canisters, paper towel holder, paper towel, salt  & pepper shakers, serving tray, paper cups,  plastic cups, etc
  • B&D bread maker           
  • Box of misc cups, chefables food chopper            
  • Toaster, misc glassware, knife block & knives,  juice dispenser, french onion soup bowl
  • Cupboard w/ 3 shelves of misc glasses, mugs etc               
  • Cupboard w/ 3 shelves of misc tupperware         
  • Plastic & glass bowls, misc coffee mugs
  • Cupboard w/ 3 shelves of glass bowls     
  • Dishware, teacups, coffee mugs, measuring cups,  etc
  • Hamilton Beach grill, 2 electric mixers    
  • Misc jars, measuring cups, funnels, serving  dishes, etc
  • 2 drawers & cupboard of misc pot holders           
  • Oven mitts, tape, misc pans, glassware, etc
  • Drawer of misc cookware, pots & pans  
  • Microwave stand on castors       
  • Contents of pantry  To include Oster blender, water go cups, hand  blenders, go mugs, tupperware food containers,  Thermos, juice jug
  • Life Source blood pressure monitor Power supplies, Philishave razors, Vogue tobacco  tin of buttons
  • Canon Selfie FCP760 compact photo printer        
  • Printer paper, empty decorative box, 2 scarves
  • Mainstays bed in a bag & 2 pillows          
  • Misc wrapping paper, Swiffer handles   
  • 7" digital photo paper, stacking stool
  • Touch sensor hair dryer Garbage can, macrame doilies, picture frame, misc  cloth, & mirror w/ decorative leaves
  • Hallway closet w/ contents To include cook books, vases, waffle maker, glass  bowls, plastic pail, plastic containers
  • Contents of linen closet To include comforters, sheets, pillow cases,  blankets, etc
  • Upholstered rocker swivel recliner chair
  • Upholstered couch & chair          
  • 2 end tables, 2 end table lamps  Telephone, books, candles & Scentsy candles, wood  coffee table w/ cabinet
  • Living room mirror & 2 butterfly ornaments        
  • Ornamental flower pots, decorative flowers        Small flower pot stand
  • RCA 40" flatscreen TV    W/ cabinet stand, Misakai VHF player
  • 2 - 12"x12" wall pictures
  • Dainty trays, brass clock, ornaments
  • Ironing board & iron, butterfly decoration
  • 2 small lamps, exercise stand on castors
  • Vinyl glider chair & glider ottoman          
  • Box of misc plastic toys 
  • Tracker 2-piece luggage set        
  • 2 upholstered chrome kitchen chairs      
  • Steel & upholstered kitchen chairs Table w/ 1 leaf
  • 4 decorative plants         
  • 54" bed w/ headboard & small mattress
  • Misc small shelves, stacking stool             
  • Lamp, air mattress w/ pump, decorative dolls, desk  lamp, etc
  • Small wood 2 pedestal desk w/ drawer   Corkboard, including contents, sewing books,  patterns, craft
  • material, calculator, notepads,  magazine rack, mirror etc
  • Contents of closet To include quilt material, needlepoint material,  needlepoint hoop, blanket in bag, etc
  • Danby dehumidifier Futon w/ misc blankets & pillows             
  • Ornamental plant & pole lamp  
  • Trima 27" TV w/ stand   Koss DVD player
  • Contents of shelving unit To include puzzles, cassette case, VCR tapes, etc
  • Free Spirit treadmill & dartboard              
  • Contents of bedroom     To include 60" bed w/ box spring & 2 mattresses,  pillows, books, lamp, stacking stool & mirror
  • Wood 7-shelf cabinet     Approx 6' tall
  • 2 small wood cabinets    Wood storage box, magazine rack, books, etc
  • Kenmore refridgerator w/ top freezer    Working condition, manufactured in 1997
  • Woods Excellence 4'x23" outside measurements
  • Unused Coleman 40 quart power chill cooler      
  • Chrome kitchen table    
  • Box of misc album To include Wilf Carter, Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves,  K-Tel Country, The Horvath Family
  • Mastercraft DIP13 L porta pottie              
  • Whirlpool Gold dehumidifier     
  • Rug Dr steam clean liquid
  • Contents of shelving unit & items beside unit, To include plastic trays, mug holder, coffee  maker, juice jug, ashtrays, cooler, Thermos fabric  cooler, Canadian fabric cooler, water jug,  ornamental flowers, etc
  • Nutcracker soldier ornament, serving trays          
  • Ornamental plant, painting supplies, light w/  gorilla stand, printer paper, tin candy container
  • 2 counter-top mixers, misc go cups, Wicker baskets, etc
  • 3 part shelves, to include Thermos, small light
  • Tinfoil plates & trays, plastic cups etc, tin  container, Tupperware containers, cowboy lamps,  etc
  • Proctor Silex electric roaster,     
  • Proctor Silex sideways toaster, Proctor Silex  sandwich oven, etc
  • Misc Tupperware bowls etc        
  • Older invertor, coffee pot, tea pot, electric  grill, hand blender, casserole dish
  • Wood cabbage cutter, 2 meat grinders   Noodle maker
  • Easy Moves furniture moving system     
  • Dial-o-matic slicer, antique hair dryer, small  cooler, phone, metal Canadian chiller bin, etc
  • Plastic containers, misc TV cable  
  • Closet door, fishing rod, Dr Scholls foot  massager, lamp, stainless steel tub, badminton  rackets, closet doors, etc
  • Antique card table          
  • Medalta 10gal crock Crock has a crack
  • Misc boxes of assorted Christmas decorations Santa ornament & Frosty ornament, wicker baskets  etc
  • Contents of cabinet To include containers, small lights, misc  lubricants, oils, paint, etc



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